Guess Who Makes Out Like A Bandit When You Rent ? Hint: …. It's NOT You ! 

I can show you how to stop throwing away thousands of dollars, every year on rent and finally purchase your own home… 

No Bank Qualifying!  
No Credit
Check Required!  

Guaranteed Approval!

I'm sure your landlord appreciates what you're doing for him and loves you for it, but ...

You really need to get out of that rental trap
and I can show you how ... 

I am dedicated to helping buyers, just like yourself, achieve the American Dream of Home Ownership. 

Owning your own home is like having your own private money machine, ... with home appreciation, equity build up, and all the tax benefits with home ownership ... YOU too... can experience the American Dream, and provide a secure future for your family.

We help put all the pieces together with Little or sometimes No Money Down and No Bank Qualifying.

We can provide you with our own "Private Financing" 
which is almost unheard of in this day and age! 
That's Right ... 

With our Easy "Private Financing"
We can place you into one of our Wonderful Homes Quickly, Easily, and with Reasonable Rates, Despite Credit Challenges or Credit Issues of the past.
We’re Not Particularly interested in your Past Credit Status. We’re more interested in the fact that you have a strong Desire to be a     HomeOwner.                                                                                                                                     We believe in Second Chances for Deserving Families.

*****  View one of our homes  *****

Here's Another:   ( Sold)


( SOLD )  17018 CR 2200 -3BR/2Ba/2Car--1.14Acres

(6/10ths of a mile South of WoodRow Road on South University Ave)

How About This One ??

This One's READY .....6550 - 85th St,  Lubbock

3-Bedrooms, 2-Baths, Fireplace,  Special Financing Package             $126,900


The Problem 

Most mortgage lenders are required to follow rigid “qualification” rules that preclude many qualified folks from obtaining a mortgage loan needed to buy a home. Some of the Highly Deserving folks precluded in this way include those who:

Are Self-Employed 
Have Been Through a Bankruptcy, Repossession, or Foreclosure  
Have Experienced Credit Problems that continues to haunt them 
Have Debt-To-Income Ratios Considered 
Too High By Conventional Lenders 
Are Considered to be Too New on the Job or
May lack a significant Down-Payment 

The Solution 


****Many Of Our Homes May Qualify For A "SPECIAL PROGRAM", Like This !! ****

It's Unheard Of How Easy You Can Buy A House !


Looking for a home to live in ?

You can Easily Buy One of Our Homes and Move-In
For as Little as
$1,000 down and $400 a month in many instances !

That's LESS than Rent !

So Why Rent ?? ...When You Can OWN  !!

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Attention Investors !! 


I know how difficult it is to get started...

There's a lot of people who would like to become investors, ...but for one reason or another, they can't get financing and get into a position to move forward.  Maybe it's because of being "Self Employed", or "Lack of 20% Down Payments",  "Credit Issues",  or Just Tight Money ...... 

             Whatever The Reason......

If you know how to swing a hammer and Re-Hab Properties.......

Then we probably should talk !


Get your first fixer upper with as little as $1,000 down and $400 a month !

Fix It Up and Rent It Out ! 

Call Rick TODAY !   806-783-9651


Make No Mistake, This is NOT a Bogus Lease/Option or
Rent-to-Own Program
you Pay and (and Often Lose)
a Hefty upfront Non-Refundable Option Deposit.
You'll see signs representing these programs all over town

We Do Not Do Risky Lease/Options, and

"Your Name" Actually Goes on the Deed with our houses !

Fair Enough ?

See, ...There IS a Better Way than Wasting Thousands of Dollars in Non-Refundable Deposits and Rent You Will Never Get Back !

And You're About to Learn Even More........

Through Our unique program you can now discover the
"Secret of Home Ownership" without any of the
Traditional Obstacles !

If you can afford the monthly payments and the $1,000 Down Payment,


You can begin immediately to enjoy all the many benefits of

                          Real Estate Ownership without Banks or                              Standard Down-Payment requirements.

Everybody Wins !


   You are effectively buying a home on a "Seller-Carry" ......
* 100% percent of it. *  

* Full income tax write-off for mortgage interest
* Full income tax write-off for property taxes paid
* Equity build-up resulting from principal reduction in the underlying mortgage loan
* Potential to Profit from Appreciation in the property's market value
* 100% of the property's Use, Occupancy and Possession
* The Ability to Buy with minimal up-front costs, and without Rigid Bank Qualifying  

We have several Fine Homes available with Special Easy Financing, 
Call and we will give you the locations and you can drive by and take a look.  

However, if you don’t find one of our existing homes meeting your specific needs today, you will have access to using our preferred Realtor to Find “That Perfect Dream Home” of your choice,….In Any Location You Choose. 
We’ll then attempt to purchase that home. 

I Hope You Are Ready to Stop Wasting Money on Rent…  
It’s your Choice! You are the one who decides your family’s future.

Take Action Now!.....Call Today! 806-783-9651  

What Have You Got To Lose But A Box Full of Worthless Rent Receipts!  

Again, Rest Assured… If you’re Sincere, Honest, Responsible, have a Steady Income, with Manageable Debts……You Can Become A HomeOwner….  

Don’t Wait Until Your Present Lease is Up to Start Planning and Asking for Additional Information…  

Call me Today… 806-783-9651  

I want Planning and Buying your New Home to be an Exciting, Fun, and basically Stress-Free Experience…  

Remember-- Every Dollar You Spend In Rent, Is A Dollar You Could Be Investing In Your Own Home,….And In Your Own Future!  

Don’t Let Rigid Mortgage Rules Stop You From Owning the Home You Deserve!  

You Can Own One Of Our Homes with 
Our Easy Private Financing.

We Say “Yes”…..When Banks Say “No” !!  

Our Easy Private Financing Means 
Virtually Everyone is Approved !!


We Look for Ways to Finance You….And Get You Into Our Homes 
Not Turn You Down !  

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Lets Buy You A Home